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Printed patterns available through Dollmaker's Journey or Joggles.

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Lady Ragalia

A 21" Dressed Rag Doll

A variation on the rag doll, her arms and legs are softly stuffed above the elbow and legs.  She has a pancake body and flat face.  Her ensemble consists of pantaloons, dress and apron embellished with lace and ribbons.  Her shoes are painted on.  The pattern includes detailed instructions on shading her face and a face that can be transfered to the head.  Her hands are cut on the bias for easy turning.   Recommended for the beginner to the experienced.

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Dream Girls

Ephemeral Angels of the Night

An 18" Mixed Media Doll

This doll has so many possibilities!  Her upper body, arms ( straight and/or bent!) and head are cloth, her lower body is a paper towel tube.  All is painted and covered with tissue.  She can have a sculpted face or can sport a clay face from a push mold - directions for both are given. Her ensemble is made from strips of fabric and can be arranged in any number of ways - three different variations are in the pattern.   Final touches are wired organza and decorative stitched wings and embellishments.

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Bees Knees

A 23" Mixed Media Doll

A unique pattern using found objects such as flower pots or candle holders for the feet and large silk flowers for the skirt and headpiece.  Directions for the bees are also included.


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One Kiss is Not Enough

A 22" Embellished Cloth Doll

This pattern includes 22 pages of instructions, 2 in color and 5 pages of pattern pieces.  She is very detailed but not beyond the skills of the advanced beginner.  Fit for a princess!

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Madame LeChat

A 24" Femme Feline dressed in Victorian Splendor

This fully armatured doll is made from doe suede or similar fabric.   Very detailed instructions are provided for her lovely face including separate eyelids.  Her ensemble consists of a chemise, peplemed bodice and full overskirt.   She has a curved tail and fancy hat complete with birds.


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Dances With Butterflies

A 24" Butterfly Fairy

This pattern contains so much detail on constructing the doll, it is on CD.  Totalling about 70 pages of instructions, they include the doll, armature, creating her head and face, painting lace, and creating her beautiful outfit.  The pattern also includes instructions for an 18" version.

Patterns available in Magazines

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Dances With Butterflies

Featured in the August, 2007 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming

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Autumn Offering

Featured in the November, 2008 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming

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Barefoot Valentines

To be featured in the February/March 2009 issue of Soft Dolls and Animals.

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