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Latest Creative Endeavors  2009

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Summer Witch

Completed Mach 1, 2009

She is the last of the Seasonal Witches.  Spring, Autumn and Winter can be seen on the 2008 page.  Forgot to add her crystal warts!  All the Witches are perched in trees.  Poor Summer Witch, I haven't found the right green leaves to embellish her branch with.  I'll keep looking!

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One Kiss Variation

I have been hoarding this black and ecru fabric for a year or so.  It is black flocked flowers on a sparkle organza ground.  When I saw Michelle Obama on the view in the black and white dress, this idea popped into my head.  Very minor changes on the One Kiss is Not Enough pattern - eliminated the peplum, changed her shoes, and modified her pose.  Wish I could take credit for the pose, but someone named Anne (I think) made the pattern and used this pose.  Very clever!

Work in Progress:  New Tree Doll and Class

will1.jpg (83664 bytes)

Here is Weeping Will, almost completed.  He is made from almost all recycled materials.  His head is cloth over clay over a cloth reject head.  His bottom is an actual tree limb.

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The Secret Garden

Our doll club is doing a display of dolls illustrating children's books and donating the dolls for a fundraiser for the library where we meet each month.  This is my contribution.  Her clothes are from vintaqge fabrics and trims.  He has a key in her hand and is on the verge of opening the gate.

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Morning Serenade

Hoffman Challenge 2009

Here are more pics of my Hoffman Challenge doll.  I was really pleased with how she came out. 

pennybowlesface1.jpg (345006 bytes)

Penny Bowles

I made this doll for the Penny Doll Challenge on FOCD.  She is from a pattern by Claire Pruitt.  Very interesting jointing and shaping method.  For More pics, click here.



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