Hoffman Challenge 2010

The Dragon Slayer

This is my entry in this year's challenge.  His face is cloth over clay over cloth, his helmet, gauntlets, and armor are from painted, stained, embossed metal tape.  The trim around his sleeves, tunic bottom and cape is made from one of the coordinating fabrics and then covered with clear tinted AB finished square sequins as is the back of his cape - I though they looked like dragon scales.  The dragon's head is patterned after a toy my dear friend Vickie sent me and is made from the challenge fabric also.  His boots and belt started as black leather that I sanded then colored with metallic paste rubs.  His sword is fashioned from a letter opener.  To see the challenge fabric, click here.

dragonslayerfront.jpg (92685 bytes)

dragonslayerdragonside.jpg (83637 bytes)

dragonslayerknife.jpg (89459 bytes)

dragonslayerback.jpg (89052 bytes)

Dragonslayerface.jpg (79964 bytes)


dragonslayerside1.jpg (78971 bytes)