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Hoffman Challenge Doll 2009

Morning Serenade

I didn't take any pictures of my doll in progress, but here are some closeups of the parts I like.  She came in third in the Sulky part of the challenge.  Click on each picture to see a larger image. Don't forget to check out my Sulky Tutorial here.

facecloseupleft.jpg (98085 bytes)

Closup of her face.  I used a reject head and a cloth over technique but I should have used a finer knit fabric.

facerightside.jpg (117813 bytes)

Another view of her face. Her crown is a fabric motif from the challenge fabric that I treated with Paverpol then shaped around a tube.  I used the paverpol sparingly so I could sew the beads on through it.  She has pointed ears with small brass bee and flower earings.

stafftop.jpg (92076 bytes)

Her Staff is a piece of 16g double hard aluminum wire covered with a challenge fabric sleeve.  The vine is an apoxie sculpt snake twined around and held in place with strands of sulky threads that were chain crocheted and then wrapped around the staff.  The top is UTEE with a dragonfly button imbedded in it.

leavesatwaist.jpg (93655 bytes)

Her waist band is beaded and trimmed with a crocheted chain of Sulky threads (4 held together).

base.jpg (74626 bytes)

I created the texture on the base with a piece of scrim that I neddle felted various fibers to.  I glued it on the base then painted it and treated it with pearl-ex powders.   The flowers and leaves around the side are made from clay, painted and glued on.   Her shoes are also trimmed with these and her crown was also but they kept breaking so I took them off the crown but left them on the shoes.

closeupfrontbeading.jpg (187433 bytes)

I beaded a length of fringe to go around her waist over the leaves but I didn't like how it looked so I tried it around her cape and used some of the fringe as a tie. Worked out great.

bestfront.jpg (178570 bytes)

backbeading.jpg (169965 bytes)

Here is a view of the beaded fringe on the back of the cape.  I really like how ephemeral the cape turned out.

back.jpg (171638 bytes)

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