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Early Dolls
2004 - 2005
I began making dolls using mostly patterns in Patti Medaris Culea's books.  Her books were so instructive, I started changing the patterns to suit my needs and this led to me creating my own patterns from scratch. I also started to enter some competitions and surprisingly, I even won a few. Here are some of my early dolls.  Click on each picture for a larger view.

BGonstump.jpg (119764 bytes)

Bug Girl

One of my first dolls, created in 2004.  One of the ladies in the doll club I belonged to brought in a "Smoke" doll she had done in a Julie McCullough class.   The body was constructed with "collage" fabric.  I was so enchanted, I had to try it!  I used a pattern from Patti Medaris Culea's book, Creative Cloth Dolls which was my bible at the time.  She was my second sculpted face.  Lots of free-motion stitching was used to create leaves.  The dragonflies were created on my embroidery machine. NFS

angelinajolseaall.jpg (67641 bytes)

Angelina of the Sea

Created as a challenge and adapted from a pattern by Bunny Goode.   Her body front and back is Crazy Patched and embellished with beads, embroidery, Venetian Lace, Silk ribbon, and Sequins.  Created in 2004.  Available, $110.00

flake.jpg (69865 bytes)


The late Dottie Bliss taught a class at doll club in October, 2004 on making a doll on an armature.  The armature is covered with batting and then dressed.  This fascinated me and I completed the doll then got carried away embellishing him!  He is about 18" tall and is dressed in all white.


frostforprinting.jpg (369383 bytes)


Frost was my very first original doll.  I patterned her after the Frost Fairies from Fantasia.  Lots of mistakes!  Her fingers are short and stubby (before I had turning tools), her body is arched but fortunately that works!  I made 13 heads before I got the right shape and with help from Patti Medaris Culea's book, Creative Cloth Doll Faces on drawing the features and coloring and shading them, she is quite pretty!                     NFS

queenfront.jpg (103133 bytes)

Queen Giovanna

A Red Hat lady made in the image and personality of a friend for her 50th Birthday.  She -the doll and my friend -have blue glitter reading glasses and a Louis Vouton purse.  She is also wearing snake skin, crystal heel Monolo's.

In Private Collection

mayqueen.jpg (80395 bytes)

The May Queen, Warts and All

Joggles and Patti Culea sponsored a Goblin Princess challenge.  You had to purchase the challenge kit and pattern and make a doll to fit the theme/story written by Patti.  She picked my doll as the winner.  How exciting! She is heavily beaded and is embellished with Silk Cocoon Jesters and Silk ribbon Roses.


harryfull.jpg (36839 bytes)

Harry the Potter Elf

This doll was created from a Marilyn Halcomb pattern, Peregrine.   She gave me pointers on doing the face as this was my first cloth over cloth.   I really like him. At Christmas, he sits in a sled filled with presents and pulled by 2 golden reindeer. He is for sale on my etsy site.

gloec.jpg (75543 bytes)

Gloe the Firefly Fairy

After the Goblin Princess Challenge, Patti Medaris Culea paid me the highest honor by asking me to do a doll for her book, Creative Cloth Doll Couture.  This is the doll I created and she is pictured on page 56.  She is for sale on my etsy site.

sopranaforprinting.jpg (421699 bytes)

Soprana, She Sleeps With the Fishes

I started buying back issues of Soft Dolls and Animals and purchase the May, 2002 issue with Lorelei of the Sea Elves by Patti Medaris Culea on the cover.  This is the doll I created from the cover though I did change the head, fluke, and general size.  I was really happy with how she turned out and she sold very quickly!


emptynestcropped.jpg (82675 bytes)

The Empty Nest

This doll was made for the Creative Cloth Collage Doll Challenge sponsored by Patti Culea and Soft Dolls and Animals, November 2005 issue. We had to make a doll from Patti's book Creative Cloth Doll faces.  I adapted pattern 1 (body and arms) and created this doll.  The lower half of her is actually a tree branch. It has pieces of the collage fabric, fibers, dimensional paint and foil embellishing it.  She won the grand prize and is featured in the April/May 2006 issue.


nacai1.jpg (104461 bytes)

Yan Hui Completed September, 2005

With the encouragement of my friend Diane, I entered the ITS 2005 doll challenge.  We were sent a packet of 2 different fabrics, embellishments (which included bells on a ribbon, a piece of black chain, red snake patterned leatherette, red and gold trims, embroidered appliques, and two different oriental fabrics), and a fortune cookie.  The doll had to illustrate the fortune cookie and use all the items plus 1 fabric of  my own.  My fortune cookie said "Poverty inspires genius, prosperity inhibits it."  She took second in the judging which was people's choice.



twylalight.jpg (85634 bytes)

Twyla Light, August 2005

An original design, I created her using one of the "reject" heads from Gloe.  Hopefully, she will be a pattern some day.  She has unique clothes, bare feet, beaded elbows and knees.  She sits in her own chair which has a polymer clay butterfly as the back.


astarisbornleft.jpg (140224 bytes)

Hoffman Challenge, 2005 A Star Is Born

I created her using my Frost pattern with a few modifications. She did travel.


Picture_8974.jpg (384422 bytes)

Czarina Kitty Katrina

My first Cat doll, made for a close friend's 50th Birthday. She was a cat breeder and I used one of her cats as a model.

In Private Collection

pinkie.jpg (51628 bytes)


Pinkie was originally created for our doll club, Joisey Girlz, black/white and 1 color challenge.  I also made her into a pattern we made over the months in class and I later published.  She is my MIL's favorite.


Ragdolll1.jpg (226017 bytes)


Made from my Ragalia pattern for the cover.


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