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Dolls Made in 2008
I was pretty busy in 2008.  I expanded my pattern line and also offered an on-line class.  I explored working with clay and adding bead
and glass eyes. I would like to do more classes and intend to in 2009. Click on each doll for a larger picture.

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I sold the original cat doll, Felecia, made from my pattern Madame LeChat available through Dollmaker's Journey and Joggles so needed another sample.  I had a vote on my blog to pick the colors, but I really was leaning toward the blue all along.   Her bodice is velvet embellished with black and blue glitter and given to me by a lovely friend.  She bought it in Russia!  She is available in my etsy shop.

newsoprana.jpg (117090 bytes)

New Soprana

I loved (and still do!) the original Soprana I made and sold in 2004.  I had modified a pattern by Patti Culea that appeared in Soft Dolls and Animals.  I created this one so I could teach the techniques I used on her - creating our own fabric with stencils, stamps, paint, paint sticks, crayons, and gold leaf pen, her tail with layering different fabrics, her fluke with hot glue and gold leafing, and her embellishements.


mothernature300.jpg (579796 bytes)

Mother Nature

I took a class with Pearl Moon where we did lots of fabric manipulation with mixed media, fibers, and free-motion stitching.  The class didn't include a doll pattern, so I created one of my own - a stump doll with a polymer clay face - my first!  Her rainbow is angelina fibers.  I had sketched her originally and had different ideas for the embellishments, so I may make her again "from the seeds of my imagination".


jazzhands1.jpg (225758 bytes)

Hang Your Imagination doll - Jazz Hands

A clever doll designed by those talented ladies of the 3D Doll Club who sponsored this year's Day With Dolls in August, 2008.  We were given a hangar, a piece of wood, styrofoam ball and some pieces of trim and fabric.  They showed us how to wrap the armature with batting (I didn't - went right for the fabric!) to flesh it out and bend it to create a doll.  I decided to bead the face and used discarded styrofoam for the shoes.  Lots of fun!

nawweb1.jpg (67837 bytes)

Autumn Offering

This doll was made for an article in the November, 2008 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming.   SOLD

autumnwitchintree2.jpg (119180 bytes)

Autumn witch

This is the first of a series of tree witches inspired by my dear friend Colleen.  She is about 16" tall and is a rag doll in disguise.


springwitch.jpg (102614 bytes)

Spring Witch

Second in the series.


wintertreewitch.jpg (92702 bytes)

Winter Witch

Third in the series. 


donthatemefrontfull.jpg (84152 bytes)

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful!

She started out to be really ugly with sagging boobs and skinny hunched body, but that didn't happen!

Soon to be a class and/or Pattern

witchtf.jpg (92761 bytes)

Dream Witch

She was made for a dear friend as a gift.Her hair is Cellulose fibers.

In Private Collection

witchca.jpg (88816 bytes)

Haute Couture Witch

Made as a gift also for another special friend.  Her hair is llama hair twirled with angelina fibers. and her skirt and lace wrap are vintage fabrics that are over 50 yrs old left to me by a great aunt in 1979.

In Private Collection

dwbmagazineblog.jpg (80868 bytes)

Dances With Butterflies

This is a smaller version of Dances With Butterflies that appeared in the August, 2007 issue of Doll Crafter and Costuming.


dwbweb.jpg (94223 bytes)

Dances With Butterflies

This is the version of Dances With Butterflies that is the cover of the pattern.   She is 22" tall and is dressed in shades of yellow, pink and peach.  Her hair is beaded and her wings are organza.  The pattern can be purchased at DollMaker's Journey.


winterhavenweb.jpg (175698 bytes)

Winter Haven

This doll is half cloth, half tree.  It's face is cloth over clay over cloth.   The branches are fabric interspersed with wire that has free motion leaves, crystals, labradorite, white quarts and pearl beads.  The lichen on the side is real!   The wood part is embellished with pieces of collage fabric used for the arms and top portion, as well as dimentional paint.  OOAK, impossible to duplicate.


hycinth2.jpg (99576 bytes)


Created in an Arley Berryhill class based on his Madame Peacock. Her parasol is stiffened with Paverpl.  Her overskirt and hat are stiffened with Timtex and wire.   I added the fringe with the flowers to purchased beaded trim.  Her stump bottom is embellished with hand dyed venetian lace Hyacinths - the starting point for the design.


formaria.jpg (217230 bytes)

Hoffman Challenge 2008 Ms Peacock

Though she didn't win top prize, she did win a special prize for Best Use of Fabric.   Her shawl is the peacock motif that is beaded with seed beads, charlottes and crystals.  Her face is cloth over cloth with set in plastic eyes and real eyelashes.   Her dress is beaded with seed beads and crystals over fabric appliques. The overdress (over the challenge fabric) is a silver glitter embellished sheer that the feather boa matches perfectly.  She is currently touring but will be available for purchase upon her return.


ragdolfortrifinaljpg.jpg (111247 bytes)

Rag Doll Swap Doll

This doll is the same pattern I used for the witches, only she has a flat face.  I created the pattern specifically for this doll.  Her bottom is flat so she sits very well.  She also has a matching chair.   Here are Directions for the chair.  She is in a good home with Teri Jones.

barefootvalentine.jpg (125489 bytes)

Barefoot Valentines are featured on the cover of the February/March issue of Soft Dolls and Animals.  The pattern is included in the issue.

sugarplumfairy.jpg (82229 bytes)

Christmas Swap Napkin Doll

My GSDA doll club picked this free pattern by Judi Ward to use for this year's swap.  She is larger than our usual swap pattern, but fun to make and the first doll I actually made that stands on her own!  Just had to use that pink patent leather I have had for years for the shoes so she became a Sugar Plum Fairy complete with crown and wand. She is now residing with Margaret. 

sssugarplumfairy.jpg (373336 bytes)

Christmas Swap Fairy

The other doll club I belong to, the Sew Sew DC, chose my ragdoll swap pattern to use for their Christmas Swap doll.  I made her a dimential face.  Guess I am on a pink kick!  Another Sugar Plum Fairy.  She is sitting on her own large cup cake.

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