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Dolls from 2006 - 2007

I was beginning to feel comfortable with my skills and began stretching them.  I still entered the Hoffman Challenge and as they say, the third time's a charm!  Click on the pictures for a larger view.

beeskneespattern.jpg (28716 bytes)

Bees Knees

Originally created for an on-line publication, I put her out as a pattern.  I made her on Sept 11, 2006 and was in a very pensive mood.  Her "feet" are small terra cotta pots filled with plaster of paris.  Her legs and arms are wire covered with tubes of fabric.  Her outfit is from 1-2 large sunflowers. Pattern available at DollMaker's Journey and Joggles.


sweetpea.jpg (58847 bytes)

Sweet Pea

This doll, from my Ragalia Pattern, is wearing a jumpsuit with an apron over it.  I dyed al the lace trims peeking out from her sleeves and legs.  About this time, I purchased a book My Beaded Garden by Fitzgerald and started making small beaded flowers.  I used them on her bodice front, shoes, wrists, and in her hair.

Private Collection

treetopper.jpg (161300 bytes)

Dream Girl Tree Topper

She was made using my Dream Girls Pattern which is available at DollMaker's Journey.   The pattern calls for a wooden base and a paper towel tube for the bottom of the doll.  For the Tree topper, I left off the base so the tube slips over the top of the tree.

Danceswithbutterflies.jpg (74567 bytes)

Dances With Butterflies

Originally created in 2006, she was a challenge because she balances on one leg.   As a new dollmaker, I wasn't quite sure how to make her stable and remove the "twang" factor.


onekiss.jpg (47115 bytes)

One Kiss Is Not Enough!

Hoffman Challenge, July 2006

This is the original One Kiss Is Not Enough made for the 2006 Hoffman Challenge.   She came in second!  She got a little beat-up traveling and I had to straighten out her legs, replace a leg on the frog, and restyle her hair.


ghostofcharleston.jpg (55080 bytes)

Deconstructed $1 Store Porcelin Doll

When my DH and I went on the Hot Rod Power Tour in 2006, we spent a week in Florida.  While there, I visited a doll club and they were making this doll ala Pam Gross ala Pat Anders.  I didn't finish her until I got home, but I did carry her in the Corvette all the way home!  Once I finished her, I gifted her to the couple that actually planned the trip.

In Private Collection

GFLLdone.jpg (247743 bytes)

GrandMother's Flying Lesson

This doll was created in a class with Marilyn Halcomb.  I just love the way she does her faces - cloth over cloth.  I named her "Grand Auntie's Flying Lesson" and gave her to my Neice-in-Law who is the mother of my first grand nephew.

Private Collection

solarawingsbasket.jpg (201795 bytes)


Also in 2007, we took a Viviana class with Patti Medaris Culea.   This is the doll that I made from the class.  Lots and lots of beading!   We also dyed all the lace.  Her wings are free-motion and cut with a heat tool.


onekissjen.jpg (40927 bytes)

One Kiss is Not Enough!

I had been collecting sheer embroidered fabrics for some time and finally had a use for them!  This One Kiss was created for my DIL Jeannette and also was used for the pictures and directions in the pattern.

In Private Collection

starokinewebfront.jpg (58659 bytes)

Another One Kiss

Another version of One Kiss made for the pattern.  She doesn't have the sheer overlays.  Her skirt has fused appliques.


clayheaddolldone.jpg (196540 bytes)

Molded Face

Quite a few years ago, I purchased a face mold from Sherry Goshon.   I decided to have some fun with it.  I made two faces, one from the mold and the other modified.  I covered them with cloth and colored them.  this is the Doll that resulted.  I made her for a friend, Allie.

In Private Collection

kittynewbasefront.jpg (67146 bytes)


I made Noira to test the Cat pattern.  I had set aside gold silk and metallics to dress her in and forgot so she was dressed in black, white, silver and gold with lots of beads and seqins.


semisideview.jpg (77833 bytes)

Madame LeChat

Here is the final version for the pattern.  She has accurate tabby markings on her face, real fake nails, and lovely embellishments.  Her bodice is a silk brodade, her skirt silk dupioni and her under-dress is a lined sheer spangled organza.


secretgardenasmailed.jpg (287423 bytes)

Hoffman Challenge 2007 Secret Garden

A modified smaller version of my On Kiss pattern was used for her.   Thanks to many web friends, her wink looks like a wink and not just a closed eye.   She was chosen to travel.


alldaughters.jpg (274631 bytes)

Neptune's Daughters

AquaMarie, Pearl and Algea. All three have different body treatments and tail shapes and embellishments.  This is an online class offered through Fabric Addictions.

$150.00 ea

coral.jpg (718397 bytes)

Neptune's Daughter - Coral

She was made with spare parts I made when writing the lessons.  Her fluke is fiber fusion with silk and bamboo fibers.  The Coral in her hair and around her waist is polymer clay and strips of Textiva.


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