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Original Cloth and Mixed Media Dolls and Other Fiber Art Pieces
Created by Stephanie Novatski

Dolls on these pages are available for Sale as noted.  NONE OF THESE PIECES IS SUITABLE FOR A CHILD.  All prices include shipping within the Continental U. S. Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing any of them.  Thank You.

These are a representation of the dolls I have made since I started making dolls in earnest in 2004.  I took a class in November, 2003 with Bunny Goode, a local dollmaker.  I  joined a club, Dollys Unique led by Bunny Goode and the late Dottie Bliss in January, 2004 but felt very self-concious and inexperienced and a bit out of my league!  It was also in 2004 that I took a class with elinor peace baily at a local quilt show and got to interact with more doll makers.  I learned so much from the ladies in the club and still do though the club run by Bunny and Dottie disbanded in 2006 when the quilt shop we met in closed! A few of us still get together monthly and play Dolls.  It is the high point of my month! 

From 2004-2005

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From 2006 - 2007

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