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These are pictures taken at the display our Doll Club mounted at the Garden State Quilt Guild's annual quilt show June 11-13th, 2009.  Our dolls always receive a wonderful response.  Click each picture for a larger view, then use your browser back button to return to this page.
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Beginning of Display with our Welcom sign and the wonderful Mermaid created by Heather,  She even made the amazing box she is displayed in!

exchangedollsatshow.jpg (148849 bytes)

The first section of the display is our Holiday Exchange dolls.  there is a small poster with a picture of the original doll designed by Judi Ward.  Aren't these dolls amazing? 

show2009right2.JPG (717612 bytes)

Dolls by:  Janice Anderson (Original), Stephanie Novatski (Origianl), Mary Klawetter (Original), Maria Quinones(pattern by M. Halcomb) back, Heather Brauner (pattern by P. Culea), Colleen Athens (original), Jane Tedesco (pattern by B. Goode) and Tery Favo (pattern by V. Leles)  front.

show2009center.JPG (720452 bytes)

Dolls left to right:  Linda Helmstaedter (pattern by A. Putney), Jane Tedesco and Diane Ignatowitz (pattern by M. Halcomb), Margaret Fretz (pattern by S. Goshen), Diane Kearney (pattern by S. Novatski), Diane Kearney (pattern by J. Maas), Chair Janice's doll is sitting in by Mary Klatwtter (original).

show2009left3.JPG (794133 bytes)

Left to right:  Stephanie Novatski (original), Janice Anderson (original), Diane Kearney (pattern by M. Halcomb), Diane Ingatowitz (pattern by D. Schramek).

show2009leftend.jpg (164620 bytes)

Left to right Back:  Linda Helmstaedter (pattern by S. Novatski), Stephanie Novatski (original), Crystal Jones (original), Stephanie Novatski (original).  Front:  Flora Hand (pattern by M. Halcomb), Flora Hand and Debbie Heller (pattern by S. Novatski), Crystal Jones (original).

show2009entiredisplay.JPG (401463 bytes)

Entire Display

show2009Janice.JPG (684645 bytes)

Janice Anderson with her beautifu doll, Naimah and Child.

show2009ladies.JPG (575260 bytes)

Janice Anderson and Crystal Jones show visitors dolls in progress as Margaret Fretz and Maria Quinones prepare to go shopping.


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